Easy way to write post phone and laptop and Published it to your WordPress

Write WordPress post with your phone or laptop

WordPress is one of the most popular websites now. Almost 75% of website and blog, around worldwide now are built with WordPress. The reason WordPress is gradually taken over website buildings company in the world is that, buildings website or blog with WordPress is easy, you Dont have to start from scratch.

On WordPress platform, there is millions of already build plugin available to enhanced the functionality of your website, and almost all of these plugin are free. Also WordPress have free made themes which you are only to select and install your desire themes.

Now WordPress have made it easy to published post to your WordPress either with your laptops or your phone without login to your WordPress dashboard.

To published post with your laptops or desktop, follow these link to download WordPress.com desktop application, after downloading the application to your computer, locate where file is saved, double click to install it on your system. After installation sign in with your user name that you used when creating the WordPress to begin writings and publishing your post with your system.

To published post to your WordPress using your phone, if you are using Android phone, go to Google play store, if are using Apple phone, go Apple store, type WordPress on the search bar, and click search, WordPress application will appear click on the app to install it on your phone, sign in with your WordPress account and begin writings and posting your content to your WordPress site with your phone. Thanks for reading, Dont forget to drop your comment on our comment section below.

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