How To Collect High Vagina swab sample from patient for M/C/S

Collecting HVS for Microscopic culture and sensitivity

On these post we going to teach you simple way of collecting HVS for M/C/S.

To collect HVS for M/C/S, you should ask the patient either she is mensurating, if she is on her mensuration, then you cannot collect sample from her until she finish her mensuration.

Here the rule to follow

1. Do not remove the swab stick from the cap until are ready to collect the sample.

2. Do not touch the swab stick or let the swab stick touch anything before and after collecting the sample.

3. Always hold the swab stick from the handle.

4. Label the swab stick with patient name, number, and the date the sample is collected.

In collecting the sample from some female, some of them fill shy, and don’t want you male scientist to collect the sample, on these case, if don’t have female scientist working with you, then you need to teach the patient the procedure on how to collect the sample so that she can go and collect it herself and the bring to you.

But collect herself is not ideal, because even made mistake, she may not tell you.

Hvs collection Procedure

1. Lie the patient down on a bed face up, let her fold up and spread her leg.

That is after removing her clothes

2. Put on your hand glove, remove the swab stick from it cap

3. Use two of your finger to winding her vagina, if you don’t have spatula, but if you have spatula use it so that you can see the cervix clear.


4. Insert your swab stick direct to the vagina, don’t let touch labia or out of the vagina. Then rotate the swab stick inside her vagina, leave like 10 minute,

5. Then bring the swab stick out gentle, care should be taken by not letting it touch her or any other thing.

6. Recap it the swab stick immediately as it removed from her body, and send it without delay to laboratory.

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