Have faith and keep walking, knowing Allah is with you

Even in hard times, the longest day is only 24 hours.

Everything passes, nothing stays.

Have faith and keep walking, knowing Allah is with you.


Someone once said and I quote: “life is BCD…from Birth to Death…what’s between is Choice”. Heaven or Hell, Jannah or Jahannam. The choice is yours.

What’s Forbidden(Haram) would remain forbidden even if everyone is doing it.

What’s allowed (Halal) would remain allowed even if you’re the only one doing it.

Take Heed! Stay away from any creature that makes you disobedient to the Creator.

Don’t please any creature to displease the Creator.

Displease all creatures to please the Creator.

The Creator can save you from all creatures but no creature can save you from the Creator.

It’s a concept. Understand! Think about it!
Learn to thank God for everything. Beauty is not a guarantee to marriage.

-) Falling sick does not mean you are about to die.

-) Getting rich is not the definition of prosperity.

-) Building a nice house is not enjoying luxury.

-) Sleeping on an expensive bed does not bring you sound sleep.

-) Driving a new car is not a guarantee that you’re going to arrive at your destination.

-) Wearing the best clothes does not mean they look good on you.

-) Having a family doctor does not guarantee permanent health..

-) Being highly educated is not a sign of wisdom. Marrying from a rich home does not guarantee a happy marriage.

My dear sisters and brothers in Islam :

What we should All know is that

There is nothing as temporary as the life of this world and nothing so certain and permanent as death. Be kind my brothers and sisters. Work towards Almighty God pleasure and you shall find ease in the grave if God wills (In shaa Allah )

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May Allah ( Subhanahu wa Ta’ala ) grant us All the true understanding

May Allah ( Subhanahu wa Ta’ala ) reunite us All in Jannah

Allahumma Aameen


Allah Subhanahu WaTa’ala says

‘And remind for indeed Reminder benefits the believers’ (Qur’aan 51:55).

Kindly do forward/share to all Muslims and non Muslims & Allah Will reward you
In shaa’a Allah.
Sharing of Knowledge is Sadaqatul-Jaariyah.

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