A – National Population Census

A – National Population Census

213. (1) Any report of the National Population Commission containing the population census after every census shall be delivered to the President by the Chairman of the commission .

(2) The President shall within a period of thirty days after receipt of the report lay copies of the report before the Council of State, which shall consider the report and advise the President whether to accept it or reject.

(3) Where the Council of State advises the President to accept the report, the President shall accept the same and shall then lay the report on the table of each House of the National Assembly.

(4) Where the President accept such report and has laid it on the table of each House of the National Assembly he shall publish it in the official Gazette of the Government of the Federation for public information.

(5) Where the Council of State advises the president to reject upon the ground-

(a) that the population census contained in the report is inaccurate; or

(b) that the report is perverse,

the President shall reject the report accordingly and no reliance shall be placed upon any such report by any authority or person or for any purpose what so ever.

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