Photo: Yoruba own Lago, go create your own Lagos in Igbo land

Yoruba’s leaving in Lagos have come out in their numbers to protest, on the protest they carry placard inscribed on the placard that they own Lagos, and the Igbo’s should go Igbo land and create their own Lagos.

Photo below

In respond to the protests a Facebook user suspected to be an Igbo man named Maiyegun Diary Politico have come to fire back on the Protestant.

He call them morons, look at them, they have been bribe with N500 + 5kg bag of rice.

His statement reads; Awon Lagos sophisticated morons!!

The Yoruba humbled slaves I’ve been telling you about

Look at them – N500 + 5kg bag of rice is what it takes to bring these slaves out trust me


These humbled slaves, Lagos jobless political criminals don’t speak for me as a Yoruba man. They are speaking for their slave master Tinubu who happened to be a non Lagosian himself from Osun state.

Maiyegun General

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