A man that lived 15years abroad and came back ,3days he visited his village, killed by Accident



Mr Ifeanyi Kross, who spend 15 years in abroad returned to Nigeria, got nock down by keke, and die a day later in the hospital.

According to Tochi precious, who narate the pathetic story on her Facebook page has it that the man come back from abroad after he has lived for 15 year in abroad. On his returned, he has made arrangement to stay in Nigeria, according to her the man has already secure an apatment at Enugu, after spending two week, then now decided to go and see his people in villages, the man only spend 3 days in the village before his dead.

Read the story below

This world is full of wickedness, You lived 15years abroad and came back ,3days to your visit to the village ,they striked u with accident and you died in your own Father's land.

We met here few months back. You pleaded with me to be your best and longtime friend,and also that I should assist u in handling several things . You told me you are coming back from abroad after 15years and will want to settle down in Enugu.

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Just barely 2weeks ago u came back, and on 1st of this march u came into Enugu. All through early last week I sacrificed my time for u, we ran around together to secure an apartment for u. Your properties came in immediately in a container, we cleaned furnished and put everything in place within a short time.

On weneday,you told me u will be going to your village in Nteje Anambra state to see your people and also bring back your new cars to your new apartment here in Enugu.
You even sent me pictures where u were servicing those cars on Friday.

On your 3rd day in the village, which was Saturday evening, you were hanging out with your friends and brothers,we were aswell chatting teasingly on Whatsup, and then a call came in ,you stepped aside to take your call.

Where u were standing peacefully was never on the road, bus from no where hit Keke and Keke Summersaulted and landed on you. Ify, your two legs got broken,but u were still talking ,that Saturday, and Sunday. Then on Sunday night u went unconscious all of a sudden,on the the 14th which was yesterday at exactly 12.35pm, u gave up to the ghost.

Many Pastors and Rev. Fathers came to pray for u while on that bed all to no avail....

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We your loved ones cried and prayed yet nothing.

If prayers, tears and sacrifices could save you, Ifeanyi Kross, mine alone could have.

If Millions of naira could have saved u your money and that of your family could have, as everyone was so willing to bring out their money.

If connections could, your in-law alone who is a house of assembly member could have, as the whole best doctors in Anambra state were contacted including Commissioner for health,and some white doctors came .

Ifeanyi you told me about your many dreams.... who will live those dreams?

We went to your site twice last week where u were building blocks of flats, who will complete it together with your other projects?

2 Sundays ago we went to Toscana to hang out,
You insisted I should step out and dance the ogene music played there, you and your brother went to the car,brought out bundles of money in mint that u both sprayed on me,I became so shy that day.

Who will drive your Spider, Lexus and Range Rover? You only slept once in the house you paid for.

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Death could not give u even one day to enjoy all your sweats abroad.

Sometimes I wonder why good people lives are cut short on earth. Your are so calm,humble with a golden heart.

Over there in abroad, you have many boys you brought up, that were always calling you their OGA.

They made u Ezendigbo over there.

God why did u allow the enemies to overcome us. Why did you refuse to answer our prayers. Why allow the wicked to always take the glory?

Kross Aniwetalu

Eze ndi Igbo na India

Indeed my knowing you was very short timed, but your memories shall ever remain fresh in my mind all the days of my life.


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