Every child born in Kamwe land has a special praise or pet name



According to Jason Baba who share the information on his Facebook wall has it;

"The first born children, Tizhe and Kuve have the praise name "Dza". The parents and immediate elders call them "Dza Tara".

According to Kamwe elders, Tizhe and Kuve are called Dza because they are the first fruit of the mother`s womb.

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Zira the second born male child has the pet name "Zirmba". Masi has the pet name "Myea".

Tumba the third born child has the praise name ‘Dyəi’ which means strength.

Kwaramba the third born female has the praise name ‘Rimba’ which means peace. Tumba is
also called Rimba.

Vandi the fourth born male child has the praise name ‘Naiye’. Elders say Naiye it means ‘soft’. Kwanye has the praise name ‘Tsimba’.

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Kwaji the fifth born has the praise name called ‘Maji’ Ra, which means ‘gentle’.

Any other child from the sixth to the last-born has the praise name ‘Kuni’. Kuni means ‘the special one’ or ‘the favourite child’.

Any child in the family can be a Kuni of the parents.

Any male child born immediately after the death of his father is Tsakma.

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Culled from the book Kamwe People of Northern Nigeria: Origin, History and Culture"

By Jason Baba


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