Kogi State is the most difficult State to Governing ~ Adamu Babalawya

The difficult State in Nigeria to Governing is Kogi State said Adamu Babalawya, Bello Supporters.

He stress that Yahaya Bello the youngest Governor Nigeria is lucky enough, because of him been elected to governing the most difficult state in Nigeria, which is Kogi State.

He said ethnicity, physical and spiritual attack con Bello is enough reason to get him confused.

Adamu said, “I don’t think the youngest governor in Nigeria is lucky enough, the most difficult state to govern in Nigeria is kogi state, the tribalism, the physical and spiritual forces against Gov Bello is enormous and he got confused. The accidental zoning privilege from Eastern Kogi to the Central Kogi must be sustained. The East and their cohorts are sponsoring falsehood across the country to take back power. the fact is an ethnic group in the state feel they own the state bragging of being born to rule others and no one else should rule kogi state. It is true that GYB performance is bellow average but the situation is not as worst as speculated.
Sponsoring Yasin on daily, weekly basis across the state against the government for over 3 years is what pains me more about kogi state”.

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