Ned is Regina Father, not her Husband

Hello everyone I want to make this clear, before you post any information online make sure you verify if.. Ned is not Regina husband but her Dad. Here is the story. . Regina was born In the year 1998 Mr Ned by then was so poor that he couldn’t afford caring for Regina’s. Her mom suffered with her until she started acting, Regina suffered a lot as she was been mocked upon by her friends as a bastard. Last year, she help her mom threatening to kill herself if she doesn’t see her dad, her mama had no choice than to apologized to her and show her, her dad, who is the billionaire. He was ashamed of himself as his daughter was turn out to be a very beautiful girl, in other to win her love, he bought her those expensive gift, taken her on vacation, etc. People became jealous and they have to fake story of her been allegedly married to her dad. Just to reminds u.

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