There are many Kingdoms that were dethroned in Northern Nigeria by Dan Fodio


They are waking up.

Late Emir of Kano, Alh Ado Bayero was once asked : “How were you able to rule Kano for five decades (50years) without trouble?
. ” He replied : “I embraced everyone. As a traditional ruler I considered myself as father to all. I did stay away from politicians. And if I have any advice to give to the government. I did that, by meeting the President or any other person on a personal ground. By so doing, no one will ever know, whether my advice is adhered to OR not ” I will not disgrace myself by taking side because everyone is my subject”.
This is what Sanusi failed to do…. .
He is behaving like a politician… When he was enthroned he continued with unnecessary noise… He was probed and found guilty of misappropriation by Ganduje later on… Having been disgraced…Ganduje pardoned him…. If I were him I know what to do as a traditional ruler…. .
We must go back to history…. Kano Kingdom was there since 999…Uthman Dan fodio was born in Funtatoro, Senegal in 1754 .

He started his Jihad cum political movement in 1804 when he was barely 30 years… He conquered Sokoto. Before his advent, there were 14 Hausa Kingdoms which Rano was one of them. They all enjoyed their Kings… However, Kano was conquered in 1907.
The issue of this power tussle has been there for long. There are many Kingdoms that were dethroned in Northern Nigeria by Dan Fodio and his disciples and up till date. These Kingdoms are still looking for opportunity to take what belong to them… .
We always want to overheat issues and politicise them… Nigerians are hypocrites. We lack the knowledge of history. Kano has been a wonderful ancient city even before the Fulani jihadist.. .
If you must know, go back and read the history of many renowned families in Kano. Go back to history and read the History of Alhassan Dantata…… Dantata was born into an Agalawa trading family in Bebeji in present-day Kano State in 1877 and died in 1955
Jot down the dates and facts, at the end you could swear that Kano and other Kingdoms were there doing great before Dan fodio. .
Let’s start from Borno Empire, Islam was there for over 500years before even Westerners came.

By Uche M. Sani


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