Youths protest alleged plot to split Benin kingdom as it was done in Kano Gadunje


Some groups of youths in Edo state staged a protest over claimed that their were plan to create a new kingdom out of Benin, as it was done in Kano State by Ganduje, the governor of Kano State.

The is a response to a letter send to the presidency for a new kingdom.

The youths said they will not allow anyone to divides Benin kingdom, saying that they don’t want what happen in Kano state were more emirate was created, to happen in Benin Kingdom.

The proposed name of the kingdom is Utantan and will be presided over by an Ogiamien in the person of Chief Arisco Osemwengie.

The youths, under the aegis of Benin National Congress (BNC), insisted on one Benin kingdom with the Oba as the ruler. They described the alleged plan “as sacrilegious, prodigal and attempt to dare the power and sanctity of the throne, the monarch and the people.” Osemwengie when contacted declined comment on the matter. He said: “That is a matter that is before the Supreme Court and I don’t like commenting on an issue that is before the Supreme Court, so I cannot comment on it.”
Ayamenkhue Edokpolor, President of BNC, led the protesters to the Government House in Benin City where they were received by the deputy governor, Philip Shaibu. He said: “The Ogiamien family led by Pa Samuel Ogiamien had duly and publicly disowned the said Arisco Osemwegie since 2015 as an impostor trying to impersonate or criminally take the place of the chieftaincy title of Ogiamien, whose current holder is Chief Osarobo Okunoghae and who has been absent from Benin for several years but has not been declared missing or dead by relevant authorities.”

Responding to the protesters, Shaibu said: “There are two kingdoms in the world; Benin Kingdom and United Kingdom, and anybody that wants to try to reduce the image and ancestral history that we have in this kingdom is just daring what a human being cannot dare.”

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