Igala Never want others tribes to be Kogi Governor, is only God that intervene



Igala tribes has never wanted another tribes to be Kogi state Governor, is only God that intervene to bring Yahaya Bello of Ebira ethnic extraction to be our Governor in the last four year's.

Let us all pray to God to Guide governor Yahaya Bello (GYB), because, his "shame is our collective embarrassment."

According Shefinat Muhmmad who share her thought, about unproductive, and intimidating administration of Governor Yahaya Bello, she said Bello as person is not bad, but he was misguided by people around him, who only care about their pocket, not the well being of Kogi people.

She urge Anebira to support him, because she believed that he had learn a lessons, his second term will be good.

She said, I a staunch supporter of GYB. The salary issue is not fair or nice, nothing can justify holding someone's sweat hostage.

The man GYB is nice if you meet him one on one, he means no harm. He has bad advisers that only care about their pockets.

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I am not justifying him, but he has done so well on security. This is our first chance my dear Ebira people let us tight our nerves and be patient, please. GYB's inexperience has contributed but I assure all that he has learnt in the cause of the job.

Remember the igalas did not concede to the shift of power, only God intervened on behalf of the politically downtrodden of Kogi state. Let us all pray to God to Guide GYB, because his shame is our collective embarrassment.

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May Allah destroy all internal enemies advising him wrongly ameen."


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