You can make much more money through legitimate business, than dying economy, Ben Bruce, tell Nigerian politician


Senator Ben Murray Bruce has advice Nigeria politician to invest in a legal business, instead of struggling to be stealing from Nigerian Economic, which he refer to as dying economy.

He said their is money in business that, than Nigeria economy.

While speaking, he noted that no one is please to be poor, but corruption is not the best way to erase poverty, but create wealth, if they did that, the wealth will circulate back to them.

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He said, "One thing Nigerian politicians must understand is that you can make much more money through legitimate business from a growing economy than you can make stealing from a dying economy. No one loves poverty. But corruption isn’t the answer. Create wealth and it‘ll circulate to you."

He also question Nigerian government of it decision to borrow almost $10, billion from China to build railways

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powered by diesel. He said diesel power train is obsolete, he advice Nigeria government to switch to electric automobile, because that is were the wold is moving to right now.

He said, "Why borrow almost $10 billion from China to build railways for obsolete diesel powered trains when some Western nations will even pay us to take their obsolete diesel trains? Do we think? Every sensible country is running to electric. We are running to petrol and diesel!"

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