AYEKOOTO HIT HARD ON OBJ. Called him A bastard


FASHOLA, God bless You one million times. You are not a bastard, unlike a foolish old sadist who did nothing in the SW when he was President and even appointed a Yoruba Man as Works Minister.

He didn’t do Abeokuta road talkless of Lagos Ibadan expressway.

He used his power to kill our Progressive Party AD, under him, Bola Ige was killed and he made the murder suspect a Senator. He did not recognize MKO for one day despite stepping on Abiola’s blood to power.

AWOLOWO is a name you dare not mention in his presence.

He denied Lagos LGs their allocation despite Supreme Court Judgement. A bastard, double bastard!!!

Now he said this government has failed, A government that appointed us as Works Minister, Power Minister, Housing Minister, Finance Minister, Communication Minister, Health Minister, Information Minister, and made our son National Leader and our son the Most influential VP in our history. This government cannot fail without SW failing with it!!! Bastard he is, bastard he remains.

Fashola, under you, you have released fund for Lagos Ibadan expressway, funds for renovation of Third Mainland Bridge, Airport road concession, Marina Government House, Apapa road is being constructed, Oyo Ogbomosho road is receiving attention.

Now, Lagos Ibadan Rail is ongoing…….Adeosun is making us proud, health minister is doing well, we are proud of Lai Mohammed, the other one needs prayers.

Even Lagos Abeokuta road is been reconstructed!!!! Buhari brought Peace to Ikorodu and returned sanity to AREPO.

Only a bastard will describe a Government that rebuilds his father’s house as failure.

Good Night to only SW Progressives.

By Tokunbo Aremoodua



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