How Gov. Ihedioha can destroyed Owelle Okorocha



It seem that, the main Gov. Ihedioha objective now is to former governor of IMO state, Rocha's Okorocha destroyed.

"Governor Emeka Ihedioha has not left anyone in doubts about what his most important objective is, within the very brief period he will hold sway as the governor of Imo State. Ihedioha wishes to close his eyes and order a total decimation of Rochas and everything and anyone connected to him. I am even hearing that he is eyeing to demolish the Rochas Foundation College in Orji, and possibly share the land among his cronies. I shall in due time, write in details all I know about that area of land where the Rochas Foundation College, Orji is built. For now, let me help my governor in what has obviously become his pet project.

"To destroy Rochas, Imo's new governor and his PDP team will need to go beyond Imo State. Owelle is a brand that has gone farther than Nigeria. So, if our governor wants to destroy Owelle, he will definitely need to look beyond the shores of Imo State and even Nigeria. He will need to recruit the services of external forces from across the African continent and beyond. Obviously, the national PDP, as a whole will not be able to swallow Owelle, not to talk of the ragtag Imo PDP that may not be able to win a single LGA in the State without having to benefit from internal wrangles within the APC or some compromise from electoral officials. To destroy Owelle, the PDP will require the assistance of the ANC of South Africa and other political Parties across Africa.

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"To destroy Owelle, Ihedioha will need to kill at least 60% of Nigerians in whose hearts the love for Owelle is entrenched. These people, especially, among the ordinary people cannot be swayed by the most concentrated propaganda in the world. There is no story in the world that you can tell such people to lessen the love they have for Owelle. So, the best thing is for Ihedioha to invent a biological or chemical weapon that would understand a command to identify all those in love with Owelle and snuff lives out of them.

"Revoking the right to ownership of the lands on which Rochas Foundation College in Orji is built will not also succeed in extinguishing the vision of empowering the children of the poor through qualitative and free education. To stop this vision, Ihedioha will need to revoke the large expanse of lands across more than six States of the Federation where these schools are located and demolish the structures housing these schools. This way he might be able to stop new children from being enrolled in those schools, but would he have succeeded in erasing a legacy that has survived for the part twenty years?

"To completely erase Owelle Rochas Okorocha's legacies in empowering children of the poor with education, Ihedioha may need the services of some of the biggest marabouts to identify over 30,000 Nigerians who passed through the Rochas Foundation Schools. Most of these people are in different professions within and outside Nigeria. He needs to identify them and either inject them with a poison that will wipe off the memory of Rochas Foundation Colleges or put all of them in an incinerator and kill them off.

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"To destroy Owelle, the new Imo governor also needs to search for the thousands of young men and women whom Rochas had mentored to success in either business or politics. There are thousands of them, and if he can find them, he might possibly convert them to new critics of Owelle, and if he cannot succeed at that, he should clamp all of them into prison to ensure that Owelle is decimated.

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"The truth is that I sympathize with my governor, he has a whole lot of jobs cut out for him, in his bid to destroy Owelle, but I also have done my part by giving him some ideas on how to succeed in this task for which he has shown much passion for." ONWUASOANYA FCC JONES Wrote.

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