Niger Delta Freedom Fighters Wake Up, Wake Up by Edwin Clark



The board of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, which is made of nine persons, has six from the North, one from the South-South and two from the South-West. The South-East has no representatives.

The chairman of the NNPC board said contracts were awarded without the knowledge of the Minister of State for Petroleum, which is (the south south minister man in the board). Other appointments were made without his knowledge.

Finding out more, the minister (the south south man) is floating till today because the President is the minister of petroleum and the GMD of NNPC works directly with the President. So the minister of state (the south south man) hardly finds jobs to do.

Even though he is the chairman of the NNPC board, he is a total stranger there. If contracts can be awarded without his knowledge and Mr. President approves them, what is the duty of the minister of state (the south south man)?

The NNPC is the engine house of the oil industry and if the minister of petroleum or minister of state for petroleum resources (the south south man) is the chairman, but his job has been taken over by the GMD, what is his relevance there? He’s been floating.

He’s moving around pretending that he is very busy. I have also mentioned to you that our students, who went abroad or studied in other Nigerian universities, have graduated and returned without jobs to do.

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Nobody cared for them. Some of them have First Class grades and some, Second Class Upper. Today, if you go to the Warri Refinery, the Department of Petroleum Resources and other places, it’s as if you are in Kaduna State. You can easily determine the state of origin of the workers there by the dress they wear and the language they speak. So what type of country do we belong to?"

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~~Chief Edwin Clark, Ijaw leader

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