How some “respected” Ebira entertainers turned to New – Direction thugs, in the name of SEMO, in the street of Abuja

Hadizatruth Shehu has accused some of the respected Ebira entertainer, of being a thugs.

She explains said that, “Yesterday, at the tribunal in Magistrate Court, Wuse Zone 2, Alh. Ajoze, Ogavuda and Umachakwu were seen flying campaign T-shirt of an election that has gone for months.

“This has caused series of speculations as to why they go this length to embarrassed themselves. They came to the court room wearing campaign T-shirts and they approached some people that already seated to stand up for them but was refused, they went out shamefully and was later advised to pull their campaign T-shirts because of the way people looked down on them and embarrassing them.

Later on, one of them was seen pulling his T-shirt in shame in the middle of Abuja road. An act his children and grand children will never be proud of.”

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