Nigeria army burn down community in Bayelsa in retaliation of the death of it officer



The entire Azagbene community in ekeremor local govt area in Bayelsa State has been raised down by the Nigeria Army.

Army said to have invaded the community early house of today morning and beginning setting houses ablaze.

According to Ranami Afgha who give the report said that the, community was burn down because of the two officer killed by the pirate in the community yesterday.

Ranami who is not happy with what happen has this to say "Nigerian army with two different rules of engagement:

In the North, Boko Haram will attack and kill soldiers in and around any community and the army will not hold the community responsible for the attack and the Army has burnt down any of community where Boko Haram killed their men..

In the south, any community where the army is attacked by bandits or pirates with no connection with the community the army will always burnt down the community where the attack took place...

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The Nigerian army has burnt down a community in Bayelsa state today because Sea pirates attacked and killed two of their men...

Can you imagine this?

The pictures attached bellow are live pictures from the burnt town..

The current condition of Azagbene community in ekeremor local govt area in Bayelsa State after Nigeria Army invasion at the early hours of today according to eye witness,there is no building standing"

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