TOTO NIGHT PROTEST: BARR L. MAGAJI Address the protester of the need of the curfews



Good evening my most respected patriots, I am putting appearance on this platform for the first time owing to necessity to put the record straight and appeal to our emotions in a bit to register our grievances.
Note that my attention has been drawn by quite a number of peace loving people of Toto over the incidence that happened this evening with regards to curfew mounted by the security agencies deployed to curb the growing insecurity in Toto. It was reported that one of the strategies employed was not pleasant to our people hence,it affects businesses which most often thrives during the early hours of the night but deprived due to the curfew. Aggrieved by the unending period of the exercise, angry youth took to the street to protest and I was told some even went to the extent of engaging in burn fire. While I can understand the former, the later is totally unacceptable as it is condemnable. I therefore call on all meaning peace loving people of Toto to appreciate the fact that the measures even though it appears excessive, it is in the interest of our security. I urge us all to exercise restraint in registering our grievances.
Let me say quickly that since the first call I received, I made effort to engage all concern in particular the DPO and many others, while I plead for calm, I am assured by all that all the issues raised will be addressed at a special security meeting scheduled to take place tomorrow inshaallah. Let me use this platform to appreciate the quick intervention of HRH Alhaji Mohammed Umar Azaki, ohinoyi ogye , our able and capable councellor Alhaji Abu a.k.a Rumbus and also the security agencies for their professionalism in the manner the issue is being handled. Toto youth must also be commended for their understanding.

Barr LABARAN Magaji
Matawallen Toto
Secretary General
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