17yrs old girl raped in an uncompleted buildings give birth to twins at OPM free specialist hospital[Photo]

A 17 years old girl identity as marry from Akwa Ibom state that was raped in an uncompleted building, has give birth to set of twins via Cesarean section at Omega Power ministry’s OPM free specialist hospital.

OPM who disclose the story of the litle girl, said that the girl and her aged mother were living in an uncompleted building because they could not afford to pay house rent, when the incident happen.

OPM story read: Little miss Mary joseph is just 17 years old. She is from Akwa Ibom
Her father is dead and her mother a poor widow residing in an uncompleted building because she could no longer pay house rent.
One day when the poor mother went out to sell pure water so she can feed Mary and her other children.
An unknown wicked man entered into the uncompleted building, raped the poor little girl and disappeared.
Thank God for OPM FREE SPECIALIST HOSPITAL, that came for the rescue.
Today 24-August 2019, the 17 years old Mary joseph just delivered twins.
Because of her age and her size she had to deliver through operation.
Children and mother are doing very well.
And also Mary and every member of her family have being relocated from uncompleted building to one of the OPM Free Estates.
Thank you and May God continue bless all those paying there tithes in OPM Church.
If not your tithes that we used in establishing the OPM FREE SPECIALIST HOSPITAL, these poor little girl could have died.
The list amount for operation in any hospital is 250,000.
Where will a poor widow residing in an uncompleted building get 250,000.
And also Apostle Chibuzor chinyere the general overseer omega power ministry OPM has awarded little Mary and her beautiful twin children scholarship in one of the OPM free Schools.
FCMB BANK. OPM free specialist hospital. 0363390281.
FCMB BANK. OPM free education: 0363390061
ACCESS BANK. omega power ministry OPM. 0054967881

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