Strange things that happens in Kogi Politics


The kogi state 2019 election is characterized with unusual happenings from the public display of voodoo to the recent image that showed the governorship candidate of People Democratic Party (PDP) Engr. Musa Wada sat on a chair covered with diabolic mat.

This diabolistic display is not human but a clear sign of political desperation taken to far.

This is obviously an odd which is out of ordinary. Strange and mephistophelean in nature.
What an unholy act, Kogi politics has gone too diabolic and devilish which obviously is not part of our culture.

Fortunately, all the unfamiliar diabolistic display won’t make him the next governor of Kogi state. It only portrays the Igalas to look diabolic in the midst of other tribes in kogi state.
We the Igalas are not diabolic, it could be Wada’s way of life.

This is truly astonished, because in the history of kogi politics we haven’t experienced this kind of mephistophelean display in public and politics.

15 days to go, the end is close and the message is glaring “BellOnoja Is Coming Back Again”.

By Itodo Dennis

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