Civil Servants on GL13 Above As Contract Staff And Wearing of Uniforms:

“It has been brought to our attention a rumour bothering on civil servants wearing uniforms and those on grade level 13 above being coverted to “Contract staff” when Gov Yahaya Bello is re-elected into office for another term. The rumour was cooked by education-absent societal miscreants and being circulated by converted educated illiterates. In summary, the rumour is not only a lie but a creative work of a lame rabble rouser attempting to win elections through propaganda.

According to the civil service rules, it is practically impossible for any civil servant to be garbed in uniforms, rather is there a possibility for any worker to be converted from full workforce status to any contract level staff when it is not an adhoc support.

Kindly disregard the lie, if for any reason there is an iota of truth, the Nigerian Labour Congress, Kogi state Chapter would have released a statement to that effect. Kindly discountenance the rumour as those who conceived it and those sharing it are of the same class of unintelligence.

~ Kogi State Government, under Yahaya Bello

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