Despite too much desperation, Governor Yahaya Bello will still go – Austin Okai

Austin Okai has said that Governor Yahaya Bello Must Leave Lurgard House come November 16th 2019 despite his desperation to win the elections.

Austin’s said in his post,

“One of his boys a house member from Ankpa is busy recruiting squads from Portharcourt to help him deliver Ankpa, the Onigbese himself also have a department that is busy manipulating and forging documents, from fake NYSC ID card to fake NYSC uniform, Fake military’s uniform to fake Police and Civil Defence Uniform, even at that, Kogites has revolved, the ONIGBESE must go

Every hotels is loaded with foreigners, bad boys across the country has turned Kogi state to a harvest land, they are coming everyday from Benue,Edo, Lagos,Enugu and lagos.

Even criminals and known kidnappers are directly being appealing to by the sinking and outgoing government of Yahaya Bello for help in retaining the seat of number one position of the confluence state.

Across the country governors do pretend for the 1st term because the constitution guarantee renewal, our own ONIGBESE, never give a damn, from the one is all about error and errors , all his moves are questionable, blinded by arrogance and aura of executiveness, Yahaya Bello from Agasa wasn’t in a hurry to please anyone, he careless about ensuring guarantee of good governance for his own people, driven power from illegality and enjoys undermining, the will of the people.

The D-day is here, a Governor that enjoys short cut, he is plotting every second to impose himself again and enslaves the good people of kogi state , as far as he is concerns, let everybody cries but Bello must be seeing enjoying, squandered over N400 billion without any project to commission, he wants statusquo maintains, sensing the danger of living without power, he is ready to kill everybody to have his seat back, the mission that he has started failing already, a failed governor who has no projects to commissioned was booed from Ankpa from attempting to commissioned the projects he knows nothing about, like Kabba where he wanted to commission Senator Dino Melaye constituency projects the man symbolizes failure and his second coming will be more dangerous(God forbid).


The battle is not for one man, Engr Musa Wada and Hon Sam Aro are mere figure, the battle is for all of us and we must be seeing taken it serious just as we are currently engaging, we must endure to the end people mandate must being belonging to the people. Kogi will be better again.”

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