Hon. Abdulkarim Isah Wambai of Kotonkarfe Rejoice with People of Igbogo for succeful installation of HRH Gimba


Has express his joy on the successful installations Igbogo Royal Highness (HRH) Mallam Abdullrahman Salihu Gimba as the Ohinoyi (Nyiwo) of Igbogo.

Mh,od Oseze media Aides to the honorable said in Statement that, “He rejoice with the people of Igbogo for the successful Turbaned of HRH,Mallam Abdullrahman Salihu Gimba as the OHINOYI ( Nyiwo) of Igbogo.

HRH, Mallama Abdullrahman Salihu Gimba is a rare breed. A man of exceptional wisdom and humility. We as a new Ohinoyi who, like his father, remains a detrabilized Igbogo with a proven belief in the unity and peaceful coexistence of our people.
He further stress that there’s no doubt whatsoever that the new Ohinoyi (Nyiwo) of Igbogo will live up to his billing by building on the solid foundation and legacies left by his predecessor to further the greatness of the Igbogo where the welfare and prosperity of all are guaranteed.

He Commended other sons for supporting HRH,Mallam Abdurahman Salihu Gimba (Nyiwo) for the successful Turbaned and
charged others who nursed the ambition of becoming Ohinoyi (Nyiwi) of Igbogo to learn from the nobility and understand that positions of authority are bestowed only by Allah and not something to be grabbed through any humanterial force.

He once more congratulate the good people of Igbogo and indeed Kotonkarife Kingdom for the successful enthronement of HRH,Mallam Abdullrahman Salihu Gimba as Ohinoyi (Nyiwo ) of Igbogo.”

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