​Why I love the Simple Agenda


By Dr. Charles Omorodion
The Agenda is Simple, nonetheless thoroughly grounded on pragmatism and achievable programme for Edo State development. It is all encompassing and better than any other manifesto declarations that I have read or seen in Edo State to date. It includes policy interventions that are aimed at raising primary, secondary and tertiary education standards, providing affordable healthcare, housing and developing road networks to ease movement of people and chattels, empowering the youth through access to jobs and business opportunities, accelerating economic growth through effective partnerships with trade, industry, financial institutions and industrialist. 
It is designed for creating wealth through promotion of inward investments and public private partnerships, assuring security of lives and properties through effective neighbourhood watch initiative, improving local policing and building effective community / police partnerships. It will encourage investments through creation of a conductive environment and business friendly policies, and developing long term infrastructures through access to local and international FDI. 
It will revolutionize Edo State agricultural development through practical support for cottage industries, farming cooperatives, seedlings management and animal husbandry, spatially targeted interventions including access to fertilizers and agronomists. 
It will improve public sector and enable good governance, transparency, accountability and open government forums. It will help to cascade the dividends of democracy through regular consultations and town hall meetings with stakeholders and constituency engagement, bringing government closer to the grassroots through regular update of government developmental plans and emotional intelligence.  
It will energise and inspire the youth to excel in the digital economy by embracing opportunities offered by creative industries,  technopreneurship and digital entrepreneurial development across different sectors.  It will engage, empower and nurture new ventures and innovations in both conventional and emerging industries. It will accelerate skills acquisitions required by local employers of labour and for self-employment.
The Simple Agenda advocates an inclusive government that is committed to cascading development across the nooks and crannies of Edo State.  Above all, it has no illusive promises or propagandas because it promised what it can deliver and will deliver what it promised.  It does not insult the intelligence of creative minds, professionals, party workers and supporters.  


The Simple Agenda is a must read manifesto because it is incredibly simple, realistic, pragmatic and achievable.



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