Lady NYSCs Member  kidnapped during Imo State Reruns  election recount  what she go through 

Ubaka Ifunanya wrote

I don’t even know where to start but I plead you all to join and thank God for,His has done very much for me and all the IMO STATE Corp Members during the Federal House Constituency Election which commenced on 25th Jan. 2020 which was a remarkable and memorable day in my life. 

  Indeed,, I never knew this is how risky and bloody-minded elections could be until this day. On Gun point and weapons surrounded us. I was asked to issued all the ballot papers cux i’m the APO (VP) in my own polling unit. If were to leave the place all alive. Which i did in order to save our lives. 

  After much cries and pleading…. We didn’t even know what else to say or do rather than praying for God to come to our rescue. Meanwhile, the security men nd police men that were assigned to protect us has left us to God no where.  But for Gods intervention,, they later decided to release us. Still have not recover from the shock we all had that very day but to cut it short. We all came back alive. 

 Honestly, I’m still short of words or what to do but only say but THANK YOU LORD cux without him this would be been a different story by now. I am happy to testify His love & goodness in our lives. Hallaueya!!!

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