Emir Sanusi, his friends and their lifestyle is what is responsible for poverty in the north - Andrew




Here comes a man whose only franchise is the circumstance of his birth. 

Who from cradle has been catered for by the commonwealth. 

Giving us reasons for poverty. 

What does he know about poverty? 
There are polygamous families in Kwara, Ekiti, Osun, Ogun, Lagos, Benue, Kaduna, Plateau, Taraba, etc. 

Why are they not having almajiri children? 
Tell that loquacious man that the presence of idle blood suckers like him gave rise to that societal aberration.

Emir Sanusi, his friends and their lifestyle is what is responsible for poverty in the north.

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Their greed and corruption is responsible for northern poverty.  
Those idle machines they acquire at the cost of the commonwealth, if converted to a factory can ease poverty. 

Emir Sanusi rides a N400m phantom. 

That can open 40 cottage industry of N10m each employing 15 people directly and countless down chain of beneficiaries. 

From one car alone, that he seldom use, 150 people can be lifted out of poverty. 

He has more than 5 others cars of similar value.
He want to pontificate and pose as a messiah and helper to the poor. 

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To do that, is not a TV project. 

Emir of Bauchi has 3000 of such almajiri he is schooling and taking care of. 

He has never come on TV to abuse people. 
We are not by this encouraging irresponsible marriages and births. 

But castigating such culture should not come from anyone who eats from it. 

Sanusi should resign as a custodian of culture then he can be a voice against it. 

His meal is secured strictly because of those almajiri. 

You want to reform the culture you swore to uphold?
© Johnson Andrew

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