Sad: Egbura Son Hamza killed by hoodlum along Chikara -Ohizi Road

Egbura people living in Chikara community in Kogi Koton karfe (KKF) Local Government Area (LGA) of Kogi State yesterday was thrown into mourning as one of the youth identity as Hamza was killed in a cold blood my Unknown hoodlum.

The resident of the community who speaking with Omokoshaban, told our Reporter that Late Hamza was on his way from Chikara community were he leave in Kogi to Ohizi community in Nasarawa State, when he was accosted on the road by some hoodlum and murdered in a cool blood.

Ohizi is a community who share boundary with Chikara Community in Kogi State, the two communities were connect with a track road.

Recalled that their was also an attacks on Egbura community in Bassa LGA of Kogi state, day before this incident, according to reporter from the area, women and children of Ibiroko where Bassa Kwomu militia attack on Friday when the inhabitants of the community had already assembly in the mosque for Jumat prayer were move to Nasarawa State for fear of night attack by the militia.

One of the Chikara resident who speak to us about the death of Hamza, said “Hamza, may Allah forgives you of your short comings and admit you into Janatul firdaus, those murderers will never see peace in their life time but calamities upon calamities Inshallah.”

Their was no trace either if Late Hamza was killed by Bassa Kwomu militia or Fulani’s herdsmen.

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