We said no To kogi LGA Administrator elongation, Kotonkarfe Deserved better Representations – Abdulmalik


Absolutely No! the committee Set up By Kogi Koton Karfe administrator Hon Mohammed Musa Tanko Osuku to plea for Kogi Koton Karfe administrative Elongation is obviously dead on arrival if all they wish is the actualisation of the personal ambition(s). It is counter- productive to have someone who has already declared aspiration for the most important office in the Local government which he has served for 4years without any positive impact and capital projects.

The State Government inability to supervise and monitor the inflow and outflow of the Local government account is giving rise to administrative Maladministration in the local government and until it’s check, there system of operation will continue to paint the State government leadership black and not performing in the eye of commoners.

In Prospect, Kogi Koton Karfe Local Government APC Party delegates has consensually agree sometimes ago to relinquish the chairmanship tussle to Zone A which covers Odaki Ward, Ukwo ward and Girinya ward Respectively because Zone B which the current administrator represent has been in power for almost 4years without developmental achievement. What then is the essence of Leadership?

There is one answer to these problems, I choose here to zero on what I consider the most challenging problem we are faced with, one I believe that unless we frontally address and resolve, Tenure Elongation for Koton Karfe Administrator will not achieve the set objective of wresting power away from entrenched and vested interests putting power to perverse or ineffective use.

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It’s high time, the State government understand that A Society of cynics kills the spirit of altruism and destroys the willingness for personal sacrifice, but the journey must continue. Change is difficult to come by in the face of overwhelming cynicism, but it will come. We have to take on-board the experience of previous attempts in strategising for the future. We will need to build from the bottom and not the top, if we must get there.

Zone A for Kogi Koton Karfe Local Government chairman.

Let The truth be told.

~ Abdulkadir Bin Abdulmalik

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