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“I know it’s a long note. But it will help you if you read. Especially ladies.

So I was thinking about these  and I want to share with you.

Often times,we’ve heard men complain about how much or less of a wife material our ladies possess. Men often whine about how difficult it is to find a wife in the light of how today’s woman has presented herself.

One question people have failed to address is how much of a husband material our men are.  A man will say he wont marry a lady that can’t cook, doesn’t have a means of income for herself, doesn’t have sense, not beautiful or doesn’t have morals…. All of these points are true but how ready are you as man sef?

As a man, we all ask for a strong woman. A woman who can stand and think on her feet. Somebody who you can trust with the affairs of the family. An industrious person… The list goes on…..
The main question is…. Can you handle a strong woman?

When you see a man who often complains about his woman being pompous, proud, stubborn and heady…… Check…. You will be surprised at what you find.

A lot of men out there can’t Stand a woman correcting them when they go wrong. A lot of men can’t even stay with a woman who has a life goal and Is ready to pursue it with her being. They will come up with the “my wife doesn’t listen to me” sermon.
For a woman that knows her worth, she won’t stand and watch you treat her like a slave….. And when she stands up for herself, she’s stubborn. Mr man, it is you that is too weak and too proud to understand that she’s a human being. And she deserves a life like yours.

These are some of the signs/traits you find in strong women.

1.They know their worth.
Even if people don’t see it, a strong woman knows what she brings to the table and will not let anyone tell her otherwise. While some will love her for it, others will hate her, but she doesn’t care either way. She’s very much aware of her capacity and she treasures it.

  1. They are honest.
    They will tell you the truth to your face. Either you want to hear it or not. But to a weak man… She’s confrontational.
  2. They know when you’re lying. It doesn’t take them long to know if you’re trying to mislead them or not.
  3. They don’t wait for you.
    They will not wait for you while you’re trying to make up your mind on what you want. They are preoccupied with more serious stuff to deal with… Not your lazy indecisive ass.
  4. They ask you serious questions.
    This category of women will ask you stuff like “what are your life goals? ” “what do you plan to achieve in the nearest future”? “do you think your past matters to your future “?

They won’t ask you stuff like “have you eaten”?

And so on sha……

But the truth remains that…. A lot of men who clamour for strong decent women today actually don’t have the capacity to keep them. Many of our men Dont have the intellectual, emotional capabilities to live with a strong woman.

Stop making someone’s daughter feel like thay are not enough when you don’t even possess enough willpower to keep her for a day.

Shout out to the strong women in the house. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.”


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