I will never ever fall for another broke ass man that has no money, career or job - Temi Ashebu Vow



Nigerian Female blogger and writer Temi Ashebu has vow not fall in love with any guy who don't have money or Job.

She wrote "Separate love from money. Femi Ashebu

"I will never ever fall for another broke ass man that has no money, career or job. Love doesn't judge, that's bullshit. You will spend thousands of dollars and realize that love is not free, it's extremely expensive. If a grown ass man can't afford to buy a ticket, book accommodation and find transportation then I suggest he sits wherever he is and not even bother saying hello to me.

I have given to the charity of men that have nothing but love in their heart. I was such a hopeless romantic, money is nothing when it comes to love. Isn't it convenient that you are the one paying for everything in this most loving and romantic relationship. You love him so much that you would give him your last penny. But when he breaks your heart or leaves you, you don't get a check back for all he has cost you. Infact now that you are no longer blind, he cost you thousands of dollars.

I can be a hopeless romantic with a man that has his shit. Most men nowadays have little to nothing but sweet words. Stop talking and go figure out a way to get ahead. You want me to front the bills, it's disgusting. Men nowadays are shameless, absolutely and totally shameless. They will allow you to pay for everything then have the audacity to ask for other things or demand for an electronic device.

When my father met my mother. He had nothing and she was a high class lady. He begged, borrowed and stole to show that he is the man. Weak ass men nowadays are looking for a free meal, house, car and lifestyle. If you want a comfortable lifestyle then go find it by yourself. Why should I help you raise up? Who helped me get to where I am today? No man wanted me when I had nothing, now they proclaim fake undying love to me every chance they can, like I can't see right through them.

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Temi I don't have anything but I can make you the happiest woman in the world. How the fuck can you make me happy when you are broke and have nothing to bring to the table. I am sick and tired of the slogan love doesn't discriminate, it absolutely does. I will need a man that can at least pay all his bills, I don't need him to help pay any of mine. He needs to have enough for himself and a little extra for going out on dates.

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I am not a gold digger, it's not about a man giving me money or buying me gifts. It's about a man that is mature enough to take care of himself. How can you declare love for a woman in another country if you are penniless? You have absolutely no shame or dignity, you want me to foot the bill. God forbid, I will rather die and shrivel alone than spend my hard earned money meant for my daughter's college on another stupid man.

Yes I am on a rampage recently. My frame of mind is irritated to my core. Men will actually call me 100 times a day professing love to me knowing fully well that they would love to have a successful woman pull them into her fold and provide a wonderful life for him. I was stupid enough with my last forever love, I will never repeat the same mistake twice.

Sometimes I lay awake all night, angry and infuriated by my poor choices. I spent without even blinking an eye, now I owe a lot of money on my credit cards because I was foolishly in love. I took out of my daughter's plate for a man that left without as much as look back and it's hard to forgive myself. It would be nice to be spoilt for a change, are there only struggling men in the world? Where are the successful men, probably not online wasting time scrolling through people's profiles.

Harsh message, it's the truth though. I am not crucifying all men so don't start crying and attacking me for looking down on men. My message is clear, either have your shit together or go find someone else that is open to struggling with you."

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