Give Much Attention to your daughters than Sons – Temi Ashebu advise Parents


“I am a Queen and I have come such a long way to get to where I am today. I am a leader, an example of strength to our next generation. I am a mother and providing a comfortable life for my daughter is my sole purpose in life.

I would love to live in a world where every little girl can be anything she sets her mind to. I want women to be independent, successful and powerful. We are not competing with men, we are simply taking our position next to men. We are not trying to overtake men but if we do then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because together we can push each other towards a brighter tomorrow for our future generations. Men should stop feeling intimidated by powerful and strong women, instead be proud that women are capable of so much and with their help, we can all pull Nigeria out of the trenches into the light.

Women can save Nigeria, if we have more women in powerful positions. More intelligent women leading successful companies, more intelligent women doing ground breaking researches. In the western world Nigerian women are unstoppable, they rule the black community in terms of education and excellence. Their counterparts are not given the same opportunity or privilege in Nigeria.

Women are often looked down upon, treated like they are lesser beings, expected to sleep their way to the top, too busy saying sir to every man instead on focusing on work. Women are used and abused for higher positions. Women lack respect and dignity from men. Women are expected to be behind men in every field or profession. Women are should not second class citizens.

It’s a waste of talent and intelligence. Nigerian women are exceptional in every field. They lead in the medical field, engineering field, pharmacy field, research field, nursing field, accounting field, I can keep going. They make some of the highest salaries in the states but most would never rise to those levels in Nigeria.

We need to stop allowing our daughters to pick useless courses in Universities. So many courses are useless and are just for claiming to go to University, nothing more. Instead of studying Economics, sociology, linguistics and whatever else. They should be studying Information Technology, Accounting Medicine, Nursing, Any type of Engineering field, Pharmacy and other powerful courses.

Start encouraging your daughters to be the best in class. Push harder than your sons because she will fight harder to be successful than him. She needs to be the best version of herself to be able to compete in a country where men rule with an iron fist. Your daughter is capable of just as much greatness as your sons. She’s not created just to be a cook and house cleaner, she created to break records and lead the way in whatever field she ends up.

She can be a mother, wife and entrepreneur. She can be a billionaire. She can start her own ministry. She can start her own company and become the next Oprah Winfrey. She can start her makeup line and overtake Kylie Jenner. My point is don’t overlook your daughters or give them an easy pass. Instill greatness in them every single day and support their dreams.”

© Temi Ashebu

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