Man Shares Video Of How Bribe-takers, Policemen Chased Him And Destroyed His Car


On a video shared by Instagram user, @fadfk, it was revealed that his car was chased down by policemen who requested bribe from him due to no reason as stated by the man.

The damages on his car totally gave it a look as the man plead for help. This incident happened along Ipinsha road, Akure, Ondo State.

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In his statement;

Police !! Is this what you guys can do just pack my car to get money from money agent with my two brothers and they block us telling us we should bring our phone and my brother refuse and the police said he will shoot if I did not bring my phone that's how lI drive off and they keep running after me this is the result ... how I wish this police brutality can stop omg this happen in akure ondo state along ipinsha road”

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