How do you coupe with two kids in this tough time without support from both families, - Single mother Lament



How do you coupe with two kids in this tough time without support from both families, no husband, no business, no stable job, no sugar daddy and body to cry nor look up to apart from God?

People with husband's and familes but yet begging up and down talk more of me.

Nobody send me message sha!

I was so scared initially so i put all my hope and trust in him alone and not on any man. He did beyond my expectations.

Have not begged anyone but the kind of money av received so far starting from this period, honestly have never had such favour since i was born.

I can't hold it but to thank God who didn't allow me see shame nor beg anyone or to drop my account details on any social media platforms.

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If you've never been grateful for me pls help me thank this God because i can't keep it any longer
No church gathering to testify.

My life and my story has been that of Grace and Favour.

I wish i can give out to other single mothers now but it a vision for another day because i can remember when 10 naira was very very important to me.

If you are a single mom out there without a family support system, pls hold unto God he hears and he will send you help.
God cares for you and your kids.
This single mom include the widow's.

And for the man who decide to clean up my mess, make sure we are fine and make us his priority by checking on us to be sure we're fine. May God bless you and your generations.
May everyone in your leanage find peace, help, favour and i pray that all good things should never depart from you and your generations.
May You always find help and open doors
Contract s upon contracts shall be your portion
May You be a hundred times richer than dangote in this generation.
I believe that the God of all possibilities will make all things possible for you in this life in Jesus precious name i pray, Amen.

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