I'm surprised, IPOB in China did not call on that fraudster Nnamdi Kanu to intervene, but FG - Nze



I saw a video where IPOB members in China were begging the FG of Jubril of Sudan and Cuba to intervene on their behalf in China.
I'm surprised they did not call on that fraudster Nnamdi Kalu to intervene.
Why should they look to the zoo for help?
Where is the Referendum Agreement Nnamdi Kanu signed with Nigeria on the 15th February 2019 that made him ask Biafrans to go and vote on the 16th after asking them to destroy their voters card?
Where is the minute of the meeting Nnamdi Kanu had with Trump in the Oval Office over the restoration and sovereignty of Biafra?

Has the government of Israel stormed Nigeria to arrest and Bundle Jubril out of Aso Rock and then give referendum to Biafra?
Why have the people of Sudan refused to come to Nigeria to collect their agreed sum of money for giving us Jubril?

Why do Biafrans use Northern names in order to get Visa to travel abroad, are their names forbidden in the Embassies?
Has Trump stormed Nigeria to Declare Biafra and make Nnamdi Kanu the Commander in Chief of Biafran Armed Forces?

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Why do Biafrans who hate this Nation so much still use our currencies, live in the North, do business in the North and even marry Northerners?

Why did Biafrans abandon Odumegwu Ojukwu and Voted Obasanjo in 2003, then repeated same thing in 2019 when they abandoned Muoghalu and voted Atiku?
Finally, Why are Biafrans always angry whenever you tell them what's their Business with Nigerian affairs?
If una no get shame?
~ Nze Onukaogu

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