One ‘weyrey’ Prophet said that the world will end yesterday, April 12th 2020

By Ameh

On that day which was Easter Sunday, my hard disk crashed and I lost some very important but non-retrievable files from as far back as 2010.

This should normally have made me so sad but I wasn’t as devastated as I should since I felt the world will end that night, based on what that ‘Man of God’, sorry ‘god of Men’ claimed. After all, laptops are not allowed in heaven.

I went to bed hoping to have been raptured before morning. My hopes were on high when I heard the loud sound of a trumpet.

“Finally, it’s time to go join Father Abraham”, I said to myself with a big smile.

I tried to fly from my bed, my head hit the wall then I stood up. My heart was beating like that of someone who suddenly develops cough during this COVID-19 season.

You know why? We were told in the Children’s Church back then in Deeper Life that once the trumpet sounds, the righteous shall fly away while the evil ones will remain on Earth.

Jesus! But… but… I’m not that evil na. At least these people should allow me fly even if it’s at a slow speed. As long as I reach heaven, no wahala. You carry plane to Abuja, you reach there in 45mins, I carry bus go there, I spend 16hrs, na the same Abuja we still enter.

I observed that the other two people in the room were still fast asleep. Ah! Na like this three people wan perish at once? I wanted to cry but remembered I am a man so I just shed small tears.

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While still standing there to figure out if I committed any sin before going to bed last night, the trumpet sounded a second time.

It was then that I realised that the trumpet sound that woke me from sleep earlier was just the horn of a trailer moving slowly down the street.

Heart rate now normal but this power bank has refused to go beyond 25% for hours.

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