IBB, OBASANJO, ABDULSALAM, GOODLUCK and BUHARI are the worst and loyal servants of the west



By Edet Zakariya Abubakar

In our efforts to expose some TOP SECRETS, we have got to understand that, our youths neither read nor are ready to make change in Africa. We understood why the whites says, if you want to hide a secret from a black man, put it on written, because we dont bother to read, we only wait to hear from those distarbilizing our economy and conclude, because we see them as God.
If you are interested to know:

  1. What has happened
  2. What is happening
  3. What will happen
    With regards to Africa, the Western World and other Third World Countries, pick whatever you dont know and understand from my short write ups and make enquiry about them, make research, read wide.
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I want to tell you something, after Abacha, apart from Yaradua, even though he participated little, knowingly and unknowingly, the rest Presidents of Nigeria are all helping to implement the western agenda of ruining Africa, IBB, OBASANJO, ABDULSALAM, GOODLUCK and BUHARI are the worst and loyal servants of the west.

You might not understand, but try to lay your hands on the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION and THE STUMBLING BLOCK, they are not hard to get, this is an AGENDA they are all trying to achieve, and mind you, they mentored our LEADERS to be too selfisha and greedy, knowing that, if they can penetrate NIGERIA and distabalize it, by achieving their aims, the rest AFRICAN countries must succumb.


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The WORST SLAVERY OF AFRICANS is coming in no distance time, except we unite and stand firm, what we are enjoying is not civilization, but digging hole to our own DOOM.



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