Is not business as usual, Nigerian Kick against Oydepo, as he say anyone against Re- opening of Churches will die



Some Nigerians has reacted to the comment of the Leader and founder of Winers Chapel, Pastor David Oyedepo.

Oyedepo yesterday while speaking on the closure of churches and mosque across the country to halt the spread of covid-19, said that why will government close down church and open market?.

The man of God further go on to said that anyone against reopening of churches will die.

Some Nigerians urge the man of God to use the power he an caused death to anyone against reopening of churches to cure covid-19.

While other charge the man of God to allow Government do their work, as he in charge of spiritual, so also the government is in charge of physical.

Other draw his attention to pastor Sam Church that pay N5,000 monthly to all of it members during this lockdown, urge him to do the same.

Olashiji Oshin "I do not understand why Bishop Oyedepo takes every step taken by government to curb the spread or covid-19 as targeting the church. I thought church members need to be alive to attend his church. Just as he may be rèsponsible for the spiritual wellbeing of his church members, so the government is responsible for the physical health of all citizens regardless of their religion. In which case cooperation is called for not antagonistic. May I with due respect appeal to Bishopu Oyedepo to be less aggressive in his utterances. Spiritual maturity is called for here. Other churches are equally affected by these measures.They are finding their way around it. Members don't have to be in one place to worship. Try Zoom technology. Thanks."

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"Daystar church members this morning woke up to 5,000 credit alert from their church and Pastor and it was not strange for them.

This is the second time in a row since the outbreak of Koro that the church is sending cash palliative to all her members scattered all over the country.

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They were also paid last month being the month of March so the members have been paid 10,000 naira in two months to help cushion the devasting effect of the lockdown caused by Coronavirus by their church.

Compare and contrast this act of kindness by Pastor Sam to the viral video of your favourite prosperity pastor who was recorded blackmailing the government for closing the church till now while the markets are open and then ask yourself which one embodies the teachings of Christ.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi once said that Nigerians are not used to be taken care of by their church but his church is leading the way showing what is possible.

Pastors have taken a lot of flak of late but I honestly think that Pastor Sam Adeyemi and his church Daystar Christian Center deserve our applause for exemplifying the best of our humanity and showing all of us that kindness is a universal language.

Well done Pastor Sam!

You are doing well.

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Christianity and being a Pastor is not rocket science and Pastor Sam Adeyemi is showing that this is true with his daily examples.

Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

Ahmed Aloufe "It’s unfortunate.
If the voice really have the power of that curse, same should have the force to manipulate the authority to effect the lacking wish. In fact commanding the power in a positive direction is the expected wisdom of ‘man of God’.

"He’s very diplomatic about it, so careful that the law could not hold him down.
Death isn’t a curse, every soul shall have a taste of it. Using it is borrowing from the usual gambling tactics of spiritual forecasters, which plays around human inevitability."


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  1. Bishop oyedepo and other anointed men of God that are rich should emulate pastor Sam Adeyemi by some tokens to the poor during this trying times.

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