Never allow ur wife to visit any native doctor – Man Warn, after his wife who go to seek for solution, snatch away by Native Dr.

man from kogi State took to social media to narrate how his wife, a mother of two run away from his house, following an instruction from a native Doctor, that his mother is a witches and want to killed her if she didn’t runaway, but a year later found her with two week old baby for the native Doctor.

According to the man who warn fellow Ebira man never to allow their wife visit any native Doctor for a solution, said the woman runaway from his house with N400k he give her to start a business.

Her wearabout was unknown till recently when he found her with a native Doctor already given birth to two weeks old baby for the native doctor.

He further said the native doctor who picture appeared hear, already have 5 children and two wives, now his wife is now going to be third wives of the man.

Natives doctors and snatched wife

The story share by one Usman Bello Muhammad Ciroma read “Pls my people this is a lesson to we Ebira guys and women’s also, pls no matter how condition never allow your wife to visit any native doctor, this is my wife with two kids and she went to this native doctor to complain to him that she was having a spiritual attack and this native doctor told my wife that my mother is a witch that the only solution is to pack out from my house or she will die, later after my wife run away from my house with the money I gave her to use it to start business which is 400k since last year July without knowing her where about and now she has delivered baby to this native doctor 2weeks back now.. please my good people help me share this my story for other people to Learn, this native doctor is an Ebira and married with two wife and five children one in kogi and the other one stay with him, now my wife is going be the third wife, this guy staying in Lagos close to my street.”

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