Emerging Information on the Demolition of one of the hotels

Some investigation was carried out following the demolitions and the following emerged:

  1. Reliable Eleme sources confirm that the demolished hotel did not just operate, but, was actually hosting a party; an activity which has been prohibited in the state amidst this covid-19 pandemic, but on a day when the Governor was physically monitoring and enforcing the total lockdown he had imposed on two LGAs and was very alert to come down hard on violators of any of the Covid-19 guidelines and directives in the state.
  2. The owner of one of the demolished hotels is the newly re-elected PDP Youth leader of Eleme LGA at the recently conducted PDP LG Congress in the state. He has also been declared wanted by the state govt with a N5million bounty on his head. The hotel was hitherto regarded as ‘untouchable’ since it was owned by the PDP youth leader.
  3. Eye witnesses report that the youth leader shot at the covid-19 committee members that went to carry out their job and thus letting them know what they were up against for coming to his establishment and doing their job of informing him that what he was doing was against the executive order of the state government.
  4. The owner of the hotel, Mr. Princewill Osaroejiji, has allegedly been throwing his weight around, invoking his position as the PDP youth leader, to boast that he can disobey the order of the Government. The chairman of the LGA, Barr. Okparaji Philip, has reportedly been in a running battle and power tussle with this young man and has issued a number of warnings which have been disregarded.
  5. Eleme sources also hint that the said hotel allegedly habors prostitutes and claim to have observed that there is a constant traffic and a noticable boom in clientele patronising the hotel, especially in this covid-19 pandemic period, when social distancing has been repeatedly stressed by government directives.
  6. As a PDP youth leader, he should have shown as example to the people he’s leading, but, he decided to do otherwise. Gov. Wike has been very critical of PDP leaders who breach the Covid-19 guidelines and directives of the state govt. He recently suspended the Chairman and Deputy of his own LGA for failing to ensure that markets were shut down as directed.
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Governor Wike has invoked Executive Order 6 to support his actions and has vowed to test his legitimacy in the Courts, urging those who feel aggrieved to go to court.

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