One day we will come back to our senses and realise that these two weddings are actually “TRADITIONAL WEDDINGS”

The issue of Marriage in Africa has begin to generate different reaction.

Before the advent of western civilization, African only have one system of marriage which was inherited from their forefathers, on these systems of marriage, only the blessing of the two families whose children want to work down the aisle were needed to pronounced them husband and wife.

But as time pass bye, African Children, who supposed to promote African culture, swept many of their culture under the Capet.

You hear African degrading their culture, by saying it evil.

One of the culture which cannot be swept under the Capet is marriage.

While they can’t swept marriage under the Capet, because the elder insists that they must get their benefit, as stipulated by their forefathers.

Now younger generation who cult not anyway kick against their father, has to segment marriage into two, which is now called traditional marriage and white weeding.

What they failed to understand is that, White men don’t do traditional marriage, they only do what African children called while wedding, which is their culture.

But Children of Africa who sees their culture as an inferior culture, has to pleased their father to do traditional marriage, and go please the slave master with what is called white wedding.

On this issue, some African who still believed in their culture are worried.

Oche M Sani who is also among those that worried about this sad reality that has taken over African soil, took to his facebook page to say “One day we will come back to our senses and realise that these two weddings are actually “TRADITIONAL WEDDINGS”

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But when will this hpoen

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