Exposition of Bassa Lies: A rejoinder to the article against Egbura by "Jibreel Gimba" published on May 6th, 2020



I would briefly talk about three (3) extracted claims in that article.

• The Bassa ancestral land/home as claimed.
• The chasing out of Bassa to exile by Egbura.
• The Egbura lethal force and the new rising enemy to crush Egbura.
May 15th, 2020.


Peace is the spine of every development.
Mental, political, biological and socio-economic well-being of the people can never be accomplished in absence of peace.

This is the belief of Egbura caste as no real custodians of a land would wish for the triumphant spherical of their land then in turn harmonizes crisis or chaos.
Egbura as the owner and the custodian of Toto Local Government are going round the clock to see that peace is the order of the day for every facet of development to thrive.
Only the guests that Egbura entertained in couple of decades ago are arduous to sabotage the tireless exertion of their landlord.


(1) Historically, the Egburas and Bassas lived in harmony.
The Bassas are mostly labourers, they farm for their landlords (Egburas) for wages since their arrival in Egbura land.
Some insignificant numbers of them were given portion of land within Egbura in Umaisha, Toto, Ugya, Kanyehu, Enyezi, Katakpa etc. While others lived in the various disconnected locations for their farming business.

This continues until on a fateful day in the mid 80s when Umaisha woke and were sieged by Bassa attackers tagged "AGUMA ATAJALA".
Aguma Atajala is a Bassa Komu slang meaning - (We want the chief).
One maybe curios what they wanted the chief for?
=They want the chief of that esteem to be killed of course.
This is quite a bizarre and lacking dexterity when the land was living in peace.
GOD in his knowledge of whom the righteous were; they (attackers) were repelled.
This brought first illy looks between the two (Egbura and Bassa divide).

(2) ITTU and KANYEHU were among the swift growing localities in Egbura land. The degree of socio-economic, political and physical well being of these two localities were unprecedented.
The Bassas subsequently put down ITTU and KANYEHU on an attack at distinct periods successfully killing hundreds of Egburas which the villages lost it developmental glory till date.
These all happened at when peace was the order of the day.
The Egburas remained resilience, perseverance in pains with inertness.

(3) Ugya on it formation, an Egbura town was aggressively soaring economically as it serves as a hub of commercial operation in Toto LG.
1995 was a sullen story for the town as it came under somber attack by Bassas where scores of Egburas were slaughtered, maimed and houses raid down.
In spite of this mayhem on Egburas, the Egburas remained resolute to enfold peace for no one put their ancestral land in crises.
The Egburas went on exile and were denied access into their ancestral homes for years.
This hideous situation blimp while living in harmony with Bassas and all the minority tribes in the land.

(4) 1997/98. Bassas instigated and unleashed yet another attack on Egburas in Ugya while in this segment GOD sent his help to Egburas then repelled the attack.
It was proliferated that Egburas instigated the 97/98 crisis which was big term fabricated story. Most Bassas knew this.
Egburas in history being the custodians of the land have never orchestrated an attack against Bassas because only a recipient of hospitality in the land would like to source anything detrimental to the land in other to sabotage, hamper, impede and or devastates the glory and the resources of such land.
Remember, there were lean numbers of Bassas in Umaisha, Toto, Sofiyo, Shafan kwoto, Enyezi etc, during the 97/98 crisis; if Egburas masterminded 97/98 attack all the Bassas in the aforementioned towns won't eluded being killed as Egbura's population overwhelmed that of the Bassas in those areas.
No single Bassa was killed in those towns.

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(5) Here came another laden, lethal and well coordinated attacks in Ugya by Bassas against Egburas on the 24th May 2018 to be precised.
The Egburas woke up to get besieged by the forces of Bassa accompanied by alienated hired killers which appears with red ties.
The GOD which Egburas believed in as usual ceded fortifications to Egburas while in defensive combat.
Though sadly, some Egburas were caught unawared, got killed by the blood thirsty Bassas as they appeared from a concealed position.

The comical episode about it was when the Bassas who instigated the attack, whom were in accompanied by hired warriors went quickly on self exile.
Exiling themselves, they (Bassas) coordinated a series of guerrilla and perilous attack on strategic Egbura communities such as; Umaisha, Katakpa, Sofiyo, Toto, Shafan kwoto, Ohizi, Ohere, Ogba pati, Ogate etc leaving mark of deaths in scores.
Throughout this intense coordinated attacks by Bassa militia,, Egburas were so resolute in defensive and in no occasion plan for reprisal attack.

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Swiping into EXILE is one of the hypocritical tactics of Bassas to gain public sympathy inline change the picture, theory and factual narration of the unfolding/unfolded event.
It's unfounded, fictitious that the group who have never coordinate any reprimanded attack or any form of reprisal attack on Bassas would be responsible for chasing out those who in countless times ambushes and struckes terror on Egburas.
The exiling was always a cover up to divert the attention of the public and all those concerned from the reality.
This tactics has further exposed the made-up lies against Egburas.

Karma they said it goes after the evil doers. The torment wrecked on Egbura by Bassa since 1980s is what is chasing them out and eating them up, not Egbura.


Egburas has consumed decades nurturing the then existing peace between the two devide (Egbura and Bassa) and whirled a lot to avoid any break of violence for stability and peaceful co-existence.
This kind gesture was responsible for the production of two successive chairmen of Toto Local Government from the Bassas even prior to the emergence of any chairman from the side of Egburas despite the engulfing population of the Egburas in Toto LG.
Citing the very handy example with the previous electoral processes.
It's undoubtedly that the Bassas would sniffed into violence even as its clearly known that politics is a game of numbers and the submerged numbers of Egburas would pave way for their victory. The Egburas would as been a continual norm releases the strand to eschew violence for peaceful atmosphere.
This scenario denied the Egburas to clutch to the leadership of their owned Local Government.
Aftermath of the favours done to the Bassas was a gruesome maltreatment on the Egburas.
The Bassas uses the opportunity given to them by Egburas to deny them all sort of political positions (elective or appointive). The only prospective elective position which Egburas were optimistic of clutching through was a councilor seat from Shegye ward and that which the Bassas adamantly go after the candidate "Sadiq Ibrahim" and lynched him to death in 1996.
They (Bassas) still uses the opportunity to defiled the chieftancy arrangement of Katakpa in favour of their kinsmen in a desperate attempt to rule out the Egbura ruling lineup and to have control over the ancestral villages of Egburas.
History can never be rewritten on this. No place for Bassa in the history and formation of katakpa chieftancy before the installation of DOGWO DAGBA, also taking fro and to sane ends, it will clearly admit that traditional rulers has been existing in centuries before the cruel installation of last Bassa chief.

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I said it before and I repeated that the resilience, patience and perseverance to remain defensive and eschew planning evil scourge on Bassas gave the Egburas the edge, the might and the ability to conquered the prevailing evils perpetrated by Bassas and all the syndicate stirs,,, not a lethal force.
Egburas will continue to keep and stick to the status quo until the same help from GOD who made the Egburas victorious, conquerors above Bassa to vindicate, avenge and also fortifies the course of Egburas in their frith mode against the new enemies. That's where Egburas becomes JEDI in their battles.

The words of holy Qur'an further strengthen and boost Egbura esprit de corps as against the claim that a new rising enemy is ready to weaken Egbura might.

(Surah Al-ahdhab Vs 25-26) Allah SWT Said:
Bismillahir rahmanir raheem.
V25: Allah has already given you victory in many regions and (even) on the day of Hunayn, when your great numbers pleased you, but it did not avail you at all, and the earth was confining for you with its vastness; then you turned back, fleeing.
V26: Then Allah sent down HIS tranquility upon HIS messenger and upon the believers and sent down soldiers angels whom you did not see and punished those who disbelieved, and that is the recompense of the disbelievers.

In this context, the Egburas are not perturbed with the rising enemies as far as they believed in Him (GOD) and remained faithful.
We awaits the usual help from Him.
It's our resolute, we don't descend on enemy and GOD knows the oppressors and the plight of the oppressed.

Abubakar Adamu Tanko - Mairabo.
Email: opandason92@gmail.com.
Twitter: @Mairabo_
Instagram: @Mairabo_


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