How will Nigeria with many vibrant youths can’t produce senators within the age of 30 to 40 years?


Who is going to save this great country’s called Nigeria.

A country with so many vibrant youths with the potential to lead the country to greatness, has been hijacked by Old men whose believed that they are born to rule, men who feature lies is the numbers of days remaining to their grave.

The youth potential has been cut short, because the leader whose don’t have much times to spend on earth don’t actually know what it take for a country to be without good road, they don’t know what it cost the youth to stay in country without electricity, they don’t know what it cost the youth to spend many years studying, at the end,they end up going back to what they are been doing before going to school.

How will a country with many vibrant youths can’t produce senators within the age of 30 to 40 years?

Everything built by our past heroes has shattered, no one is functioning, and they are not building anyone.

Nigeria has been plunged into heavy external debit, yet the country cannot accounts for the money.

Were are the Mr. integrity’s? If Nigeria were home Mr. President, can you allow it to stay for a week without light?.

If All pot road in Nigeria were the road that lead to your farm and house, will you all it to be they way it is now?

If Nigerians universities were your personal properties, will you allow the structures to remains the way its?

The senators, National assembly will be renovated, with huge amount of Money, what did we Nigerians learn from the national assembly?

We have collapse building cut across Nigerian universities, have you ever propose a project to renovate the entire universities in Nigeria?

One Senators have over 5 securities personnel protecting him, how many are protecting Nigerians?

Nigeria a country with great potential has turn to land of burials, were people buried their love once everyday because of the failure of the government.

Nigeria older leader died, the president who believed youths are lazy can’t find any youth trust wordy to replace him, but went ahead to appoint another old man to replace him.

When Nigeria become a land of the old?

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