“I Slept With My Wife’s Father & I’m Starting To Have Feeling For Him ” – Man Confesses

Popular love doctor and self-acclaimed relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, took to his page to share one of the emails he receives from his followers who he kept anonymous.

In a recent update, the love doctor shared the email of man who narrated how he began having an affair with his wife’s father.

According to the distraught man, the bizarre tryst started when his father-in-law invited him to a party to meet with someone in charge of approving his business proposal.

He revealed that his wife’s father thereafter started making sexual advances at him, adding that he confirmed that the man was gay from the way he was socializing with people at the party and looking at the other end, he too was a gay.

He wrote;

“Dear Joro, More Shoes to your wardrobe n more travels. I created an email to send this but keep anonymous also.

“I have been crying this burden on my chest for months now and I can’t stop thinking about him.

“Sometime In December, my wifes father invited me to a party so I could meet someone who would approve my business proposal was working on then.

“I went for the party and I was part of the last who left, I noticed the way he looks at me. How he looks at my trouser section and my buttocks too. And how he touches me, he rubs my shoulder and all.

“That day when I saw him socializing knew he was Gay, from his body he’s gestures, he was a different man I know.

“Honestly to God, I am gay too but I love my wife and things moved so fast didn’t want to tell her I am gay so I married her. I wanted children so much
too, I don’t regret my children.

“I love my wife but her father is now seeming to be my Soulmate. I am myself around him, I can be free. It’s not about the money or anything. Yes he buys me things but I love this man.

“I know this is crazy, I know. Back to the party, we got talking ( me and my wife’s father) he kept looking at me and licking his lips and I feeling him too We had sex that same day at the party.

“It was so passionate, feeling him inside me, his seat all over my back it felt good, from December till now my wife’s father and I have been having an affair. We can relate on so much, he was in my shoes too, he never wanted to marry but he was forced to and being gay back then was more of a taboo than now, I really love this man, I never really allow anyone man have been with enter me from behind but I let him.

“He is very tender and loving. He says he loves me at every stroke inside me, he gives me the best head I’ve received in my life. I learnt how to give a better head because of him. I am in love with him. I have been carrying this secret for a while .I decided to put it in words. Some will judge, some will say all sorts. Till you’re in my shoes and you’re feeling how I feel you can’t judge me.”

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