Federal Govt Stop Bringing Allocations to my State, Yet i Pay workers as at when due – Wike of River State

Since I took over as the GOVERNOR of River State, I have been confronted with different harassment from the federal government just because I made it clear that I will not be like other PDP governors who supports PDP by the day and APC by the night.

I am the only GOVERNOR who has not gone to Abuja before to meet with those in ASO ROCK why because I know my value and onions.

BECAUSE of this, the federal government have stop bringing allocations to my state. Let me tell you that since I took over as GOVERNOR of RIVER STATE, I have not received any allocations which other states are getting just because I decided not to play politics with the life of River state people and their hatred on me.

All the federal roads in my state have been abandoned. I decided to use the River state IGR to construct these roads.

I pay workers salaries as at when due
I pay pensioners their pension

But one thing I will never tolerate is to Allow the same federal government that have denied us our rights to come and determine what happens in River state.

I swore an oath to protect the people of Rivers State and their interest and until I leave office, nobody will determine how I run my state.

I am not like other GOVERNORS who will not talk when their people are being killed or the Abuja supreme Court made GOVERNOR.

I will protect River State.
This is my territory
If the federal government disturbs me again, I will declare River state A BIAFRA state or Niger Delta State and wait for the consequences.


You pipe oil from my state to all Northern states yet, you can’t bring common allocations and what is due to us!

I am not a fool and RIVER STATE people are not fools



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