How to React if you catch your Husband with another Woman on Bed Cheating

The issue of extra marital affairs is something that we cannot overemphasize, because, extra marital affairs has cause a lot of damages to many home across the world.

Research has proven that Extra marital affairs is one of to leading cause of death in world.

Then we need to ask ourselves this question? Why men still indulged in extra marital affairs when they have woman at home?

You can fine the answer to the question above here 4 Major reasons why Married Men cheat on their wife.

On this post we will tell you the best way to react as a woman when you caught your husband in bed with another woman cheating.

Many woman are regretting today because they over reacted when the finds out that their husband is cheating on them.

Many women are in jail today because they allegedly stabbed their husband to death when they caught him cheating.

We know it hot, but don’t do something that you regret for the entire of your life.

First thing to do as woman when you caught your husband with another woman on bed is silent and turn back, if it is your matrimonial bed it happen, please pick some little things you will use for sometimes and leave the house.

Don’t called him, and don’t pick his call, give him break for some days, if you have children, pleaee take your children to your family house, for the moment you will not be around.

You can stay your family house, or find a safe place when you can stay, till your mind comedown, after that you can returned home.

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Even you get home, allowed him to explain, don’t ask him, if don’t explain leave him that mean he didn’t love you.

But if he truly love, he fine all means to please you, and if that happen, make him swear that he will never do that again, and don’t forget report him to his families not your family.

When you can control your emotion, please Call him, seat him down and ask him, what did he like from a woman that he can’t find in you? that made him go after another woman?

Persuade him to tell your so that you walk on yourself.

Please don’t killed yourself for a man because man are polygamous in nature.

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