Meet man who makes love to shoes!


Meet man who makes love to shoes

Meet man who makes love to shoes

Have you ever seen anyone make love to shoes? We wake up everyday to new cases of weird and abnormal, and we think we've seen it all with nothing more new to see.

It's a thing to have a fetish for shoes, it's an entirely different thing to look at them and desire to cuddle, kiss and make love to them! This is the case here.

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Meet man who makes love to shoes

A 24 year old man who was identified as Theerapat Klaiya has an unusual fetish for shoes. He was arrested by police in Thailand after his neighbors complained severally that their shoes had gotten missing. Thailand Police said,

"Theerapat Klaiya, was found with 126 pairs of flip flops that he had stolen from locals in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, and when questioned he said he stole them to 'kiss, cuddle and have sex with them.'"

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~ Ibarapa Monarch.

Officers apprehended Klaiya using footage from CCTV set up outside his latest alleged victim’s home.


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