Open letter to Distinguish senator Dr. Abdullahi Adamu, Senator with Zero over Zero Protect in his constituency by Comr. Suleiman



By Amb Comrade Tasiu Suleiman SAM CNY.

Since day 1 as the Senator representing the good people of Nasarawa West Senatorial District in 2011 the Nasarawa Western Zone Constituents have continued to live in denial.

Living in denial of the reality is one of the worst things that can happen to anybody.

You need to wake up on your own interest and the interest of those who elected you.

Though your life line in Politics is fast kicking may be to say the obvious.

You have continued tactlessly to waste the slot of the senatorial district you represent in the Red Chamber is also not in doubt.

At his own volition and in a devious bid to suppress, intimidate, muzzle and abridge Nasarawa West Senatorial District Constituents democratic rights as usual which is a hobby he is known for,the incumbent Bench warmer have set up some unwarranted plans against PROJECT 2023.

Though without any doubt the incumbent has the sinister motives of seizing power at all cost either by kneeling begging the electorates or through the Court, which is an intention which has no basis and this time will fail woefully Insha Ar-Rahman.

Distinguish Sir,abeg you to emulates your counterparts,the likes of Dr Senator Umaru Tanko Almakura who is known as Mr good GOVERNANCE, which with the reality on ground at the Nasarawa Southern Senatorial District has been delivering dividends of democracy beyond peoples expectations, Same goes to the Northern Senatorial Zone where Senator Godiya Akwashiki is also doing wonders.

they were all massively elected by the people just as you're also elected.

But take a careful look at how they have continued to endear themselves through policies and programmes that are already yielding fruits.

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By 2023 anybody that come with the name of campaigning for the incumbent will be recognize as the evil traps setters in the Western Senatorial Zone and they will continue in their doomed voyage, which will ultimately consume them and be the beginning of the end for them politically Insha Allah.

Indeed we are equally guilty of your incompetence but by 2023 the good people of Nasarawa West Senatorial District will show you the way out of the Red Chamber by fire by force.

Mr Senator, it is safe to say that 90% of the people you claim to represent in the Senate never had an inkling who you really are, they didn’t before the election and they still don’t, 9 years into your mandate as a Democratically elected Senator but no single projects executed so far".

Mr Senator, In fact, I think we will appreciate you more if you don’t display the traits of our average politicians in relating with them, at least a lot of people I know are that way, just represent them in the best possible way.

First and foremost, if you don't know what are the things that make a good senator Take a careful look at Senator Almakura..

The primary reason you were elected to the senate is to represent your people and help make laws that are favourable to them as a people, to take their plights and present them at the National level, make and pass bills to support them in order to ease life for your people, that’s if you believe they are your people.

Constituency Projects to me is only but a secondary duty, which as far as I’m concerned is illegal and not in our constitution and even if it is, i believe it should be scrapped because its an unnecessary distraction from the main objective of your legislative duties and only paves ways for most of you law-makers to illegally siphon public funds with little accountability for it.

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If you have been excellent at the former, I doubt Your people will even care about the latter, but even in that aspect, you have performed below average.

it is safe to say, you are disconnected from the very people you ought to be connected to, you never even try to connect with them, your actions so far with due respect Mr senator, have been similar to that of a spoilt child.

I mean, we were all to some extent, spoilt by our parents at a stage in our lives, but once a child grows up not appreciating life and handling what was given to them on a platter of gold fittingly, then they become spoilt brats.

You never worked hard for your victory, it was handed to you on a platter of silver, thanks to PRESIDENCY'S intervention,The Popularity and acceptance of President Buhari 2019.

Even though I have no regrets about that whatsoever, only a lot of lessons learnt, What I believe you have failed to understand is, there will neither be APC SAK DAGA SAMA HAR KASA for you in 2023 nor will we be fooled by voting you people because of PMB’s influence, winning the election for this time around will be based on merits.

"Operation show me your constituency projects."

the people around you are probably not telling you what you need to hear, get people around you that won’t care about losing their jobs if they tell you the truth, it’s not about helping you or them, it’s about the enormous responsibility you have on your shoulders.

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Remember, you are not only going to account for the way and how you represent us to us alone, but also to your God.

So, the ball is on your court to choose between impressing God, your constituents and the deceitful people that call themselves leaders at the camp.

At the end of the day, they will never follow you to your constituency to account for your stewardship to your people, you are a third time senator, try at least to make a positive impact that will leave your name in the annals of history.

I write this letter with a sense of sincerity and a lot of hope in my heart, a hope that after reading these words from a concerned Comrade that I am, you, dear Senator Dr. Abdullahi Adamu will for the sake of posterity, see reason in walking back to a deserved place of honour which you have deserted.


"Constituency Projects ZERO OVER ZERO.".
"Covid19 Palliative Packages ZERO OVER ZERO".
"Bills Pass in the National Assembly since 2011 as a elected Senator ZERO OVER ZERO".
"Youths/Women Empowerments ZERO OVER ZERO".

Everything ZERO nothing to ride home with but still after somebody from no where will come back to the grassroots to kneel and seek for the voters forgiveness to be reelected again.

Noooo,capital NO.
Not this time again.


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