Should a pastor keep security?, By Pastor Azzaman



A Police man approached me and said where is your face mask and I responded how can I pray for you against CORONA VIRUS if I wear a face mask. Can't you see me with Bible , I am a Pastor. If I am afraid of CORONA VIRUS would you have confidence God forbid you catch CORONA VIRUS and call me to pray for you against CORONA VIRUS? The Police man laughed.

Somebody advised me and said , Pst. Azzaman as you are now , if you have 'money' you suppose to hire 4 body guards following you around and you pay them monthly.

Somebody also disclosed to me and he said , Pst. Azzaman when you came for that prayer after you finish praying I saw 5 Angels following you as body guards, 2 in front of you and 3 behind you.

A woman also came to my office and said Pst. You have Angels all around you protecting you. Another woman said Pastor when you where praying and you mentioned you have Angels around you, the Lord open my eyes and I saw 5 Angels standing behind you and as you mentioned that you have Angels around you, one of them very huge came behind you looking very fierce with a sword ready to fight.

I visited a place in Kaduna and a man said , you are Pst. Azzaman so you are this simple , I thought I will see men all around you as security. You mean with what you are writing and saying against this government, you move around freely like this?

In a dream a lady from Yola narrated to me her dream . She said she saw me in her village in Adamawa state she was shocked she didn't see me with any security and I was addressing a very large crowd. According to her I wasn't afraid if anybody will harm me. That was a dream but it was a message.

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This are Statesments from different people on different occasions and from a lady who saw me in her dream in Adamawa State. When I analyzed the statements I concluded that the day I start using security, God will withdraw his angels but a time will come that Pastor Azzaman can never be accused of stealing God's money because I will have enough. A time will come that the devil can never accuse Pastor Azzaman with Adultery because my wife is the best woman on earth. What will the devil do when he can't get me? False accusations.


Some times the people you see around Pastors it is not because of security but because they want to avoid false accusations. If Joseph entered Potiphar's wife's room with somebody, Potiphar's wife would have never accused him wrongly. Potiphar's wife had all the facts. Yes she had the fact because what is Joseph's shirt or clothe doing in her bed room and only him? But that wasn't the truth. Therefore , you can have the facts but that doesn't mean it is the truth.

Late Billy Graham moves around with not less than 10 people around him and I learn it is not for security but purposely to avoid false accusations. A woman caution me recently and said Pst. Azzaman please make sure somebody is always with you when counseling especially women. My Pastor was falsely accused by a choir member of our Church. Please Azzaman they can set a trap for you being who you are you have many enemies. The woman warned me..

There is a Pastor base in Kaduna State who said he never asked for security but after the 2011 Post elections violence. A Politician who was in government then suggested he relocate to Abuja but he said no. But eventually the Politician provided him security and upto now that Pastor very Anointed man of God still moves with the Police escort.

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If I keep human security for protection can I pray for people against insecurity? I remember a true story of a Man who was appointed by former President Olusegun Obasanjo . The day , the man was given the appointment , he saw a Police man come to his house. And he asked the Police man who sent you and the Police man said base on your New appointment I am drafted to your house as your permanent security man. The man asked him, it means you will be sleeping here ? And the Police man said yes. The man asked the Police man if he is married and he said yes, if you will be sleeping here to protect my life , who will protect the life of your family when you leave them alone. And the Police man said God will protect my family. The Man responded . Please go back and stay with your family I don't need a security guard , that God you said He will protect the life of your family will also protect my life and that's how that Professor who is late now served in that office without a single security in his house.

Me Pastor Azzaman I will never keep security for protection my faith have taken me to that level, that my protection comes from above. But Please do not copy Azzaman I beg you, if you are a Pastor and God have taking you to a very high level and your faith can not take you to believe God is your security please hire yourself security. I also noticed that many Christians when God lift a Pastor to a certain level , we expect that Pastor to have security all around him. We even force him to have security even if it's against his will. Pastors lives can be in danger, especially if you are controversial like Pastor Azzaman. Pope John Paul was almost assassinated, Rev. Martin Luther King was Killed. As I said if your FAITH can not carry you get security. But if you trust in God's security is also Okay.

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The truth is if God is with you even your 'enemies' will be at peace with you. I challenged Muslims sometimes with my post. Many of you thing if Muslims catch this Pastor they will slaughter him. But believe me some Muslims can be very wonderful. I shared the story how a tanker driver , you know most Tanker drivers in the North are Muslims saw me in Kaduna on the road, instead of packing the trailer and beat me up, he was shouting on top of his voice PASTOR AZZAMAN AZZAMAN and waving me seriously as the tanker drove away. I shared how I went to buy orange in Kaduna too. The orange Saler a Muslim said Pastor. I heard to ask him how do you know I am a Pastor? and he said who doesn't know you Pastor, we use to read everything you use to write. Instead of paying for the orange he gave me free. Somebody called me yesterday telling me he wonder how Governor Nasiru Elrufai will leave me in Kaduna and go and arrest somebody in another state, you must have God's protection nothing else the man said.

God controls the heart of men, when you trust him , he will make your enemies to be at peace with you.

Azzaman Azzaman

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