After 15yrs of taken Postinor, waste ur life, with kids without father, you want honest man to marry you - we guys are not foolish, guy blast ladies


Young guy by name Tony Atare Okoro blasted ladies who after wasting their life rejecting men that come their because he may not have money at the moments, but later in the feature looking for honest man to marry them.

Okoro wrote"


So many Nigerian 🇳🇬 ladies thinks we guys are scared of them and also foolish at the same time. Nooo! I am not and I will tell you the simple truth. Hate or insult me because of the truth of this post, NA U SABI!!!

It pains and suprises me a lot when I see a lady aged over 25 years with two or more kids looking for a stable single guy to marry her. These Nigerian ladies are not widows, victims of rape or were once married but now divorced. Many of these ladies spent all their youthful years swinging their buttocks like peacocks from street to street and state to state just to distribute their pussies like MMM free fundz to anything on trousers that can foot their bills.

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In their youthful days these ladies were untouchables and the talk of the town, and they had no time for their age mates and potential suitors, they were so so proud of themselves thus pushing away all the young boys. Their pussy was reserved for sponsors with money who could afford chips and chicken and can take them out to expensive outings and hotels where they can take selfies, just to upload on Facebook and Instagram to intimidate fellow girls. These poor broke, but honest guys had no chance in her life at all.

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Then after one and half decade (15 years) of patronizing the Pharmacy and constantly swallowing Postinor 2 and wasting themselves and getting fatherless kids, they want a stable honest man to marry them so that he can feed them and their kids!

Who told you men are this foolish? Even if you get this extremely foolish man to marry you, believe me he will still run away after coming back to his true senses because what comes around goes around. You can't eat your cake and still want to have it.

Any single lady over 25 years with kids and a rotten past belongs to team BOREHOLE. If you waste your youthful life opening your legs to sponsors and other mad street men with swags, then don't just waste your future looking for nice honest men! These nice honest men need young, beautiful, smart and hardworking girls of less than 20/22 years to start a good life. Just pack your fatherless kids to your generous relatives so that you can have enough time and space to continue living that SWEET life the way you've always enjoyed it.

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NB: This post is targeted to whom it may concern. If you take it personal, then that's just your own STAY AT HOME 🏡 Wahala 🙌


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